Facility Outline
 The Tosa Yamauchi Family Treasury and Archives houses materials related to the Yamauchi family - The rulers of the Tosa Domain throughout the Edo Period.
These materials date from the Edo Period (17th – Mid 19th Century), and were once found in Kochi Castle and its surroundings. Since the Meiji Period, they were held by the Yamauchi family in Tokyo and Kochi. Due to damage caused by earthquakes, political upheavals and bombings in 1945, a portion of the collection has sadly been lost.
However, the current collection amounts to some 67,000 pieces. These artifacts were gradually donated to Kochi Prefecture, and by 2004 all family-related materials became the property of its citizens.
 The museum conducts educational programs, public exhibitions, research and also organizes and preserves these valuable cultural assets passed down through the Yamauchi family for future generations to see. The exhibition room periodically changes the materials on display, with roughly 100 specially selected items on display at any given time. These displays aim to introduce the history of the Tosa Domain and the way of life of its Daimyo (ruling lords of a domain).
Exterior of the Museum
<The Collection>
Historical Documents: 30,000 (Late 16th ~ Early 20th Century)
Arts and Crafts: 5,000 (documents, pictures, weapons, furniture, Noh Theatre materials, tea-cermony materials)
Japanese and Chinese books: 20,000
Modern Books: 2,000
Historical Photographs: 10,000
Tosa Yamauchi Family
 The Yamauchi family ruled over the Tosa domain for over sixteen generations during the Edo Period (17th – Mid 19th Century). The first lord, YAMAUCHI Katsutoyo (1545-1605) was born into a powerful military family in Owarinokuni (present day Aichi prefecture). When he was a boy, his father was defeated in battle and he was left to wander Japan. He later served under TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi and quickly rose through the ranks. Katsutoyo later fought for TOKUGAWA Ieyasu in the battle of Sekigahara.
 For his efforts, he was awarded the Tosa Domain, and became lord of Kochi Castle.
Portrait of YAMAUCHI Katsutoyo.
 There are regular and special exhibits held in the exhibition room. Both exhibits periodically change materials on display, and roughly 100 items are on display at any given time. Regular exhibits focus on the Tosa Domain and the Samurai class Yamauchi family, giving a comprehensive introduction to modern history and culture. Special exhibits change themes regularly and display items directly related to each theme. The museum also contains a department dedicated to the restoration and preservation of materials.
At the entrance, there is an interactive corner where visitors can touch Japanese swords and helmets. Photography is also permitted.
Exhibition Room Interactive Corner
Lectures for International Visitors
 At the Tosa Yamauchi Family Treasury and Archives, there is a special lecture held once a year targeted towards International residents of Kochi Prefecture. This lecture uses Japanese culture as a means to enhance understanding of Japanese history.
Open: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Every day including holidays)
Closed: 26th December to 1st January for change of exhibits
Admission fee: ¥300
※Group admission (20 people or more) ¥240
※The museum shares a discount partnership with Kochi Castle. By bringing in a ticket stub from Kochi Castle you can enter the museum for ¥240.
Similarly, taking a ticket stub from the museum to Kochi Castle gets you 20% off the entrance price (1 per person, within 3 days).
※ Located nearby is the Kagami River named by the fifth lord Toyofusa, the old Yamauchi Residence (an important cultural asset) and the Yamauchi Shrine.
■Public Transport – Tram and Bus
Get off at Grandodori, walk 300m south from the traffic lights. Turn left at the Torii
(Gate) and walk 100m.
(5 minutes walk).
For more information regarding public transport and traffic, please refer to this site.

Roughly 20 minutes from the Kochi Interchange, head south at the intersection of Denshadori and Grandodori for approximately 300m. Turn into the Torii (Gate) on the left hand side. (Free parking is available for up to 15 cars and 3 buses).
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